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Relaxation Training CDs:

Many people in your life may have told you that you need to calm down, but no one actually taught you how to relax. To facilitate your healing, Dr. Rozantine created the Mother Nature Series, which includes 4 relaxation CDs, 3 recordings to improve self-esteem, and 2 recordings to help heal childhood wounds.

Self Esteem CDs:

The exercises on these CDs were written and recorded by Dr. Rozantine to increase your self-confidence, facilitate positive change, and create harmony and balance in your life. She has found that nature sounds playing in the background will enhance your ability to concentrate, so you will hear the sound of ocean, mountain stream, or rain in the background as you do the exercises. First, Dr. Rozantine guides you through a brief relaxation exercise to increase your concentration. After you have become relaxed, she will lead you through a visualization exercise designed to help you change the way you think about yourself.

Dr. Rozantine's newest digital album, Simple Self-Esteem Solutions:  12 Steps to Boosting Your Confidence, is now available on iTunes and   The first track is available to listen to free on YouTube.  
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